Antibiotic Free Chicken


Nearly 3/4 of Consumer believe antibiotics are present in most chicken meat.

Reality is?
The chicken that you buy is technically “antibiotic free” – Malaysian laws require that if any antibiotics are used in a farm, they must cleared from the animals’ systems before they can leave the farm.

So why are chickens were administered with antibiotics? 
Animals sometimes get sick, just like human, and treating illness is a responsible part of animal care. When this happens, farmers work with veterinarian to determine if an antibiotic is required. The vast majority of the antibiotics that we use are never used in human medicine, and we’re taking steps to eliminate those are most critical to human medicine.

Antibiotics are just one of many tools farmers use to keep their flocks healthy and preventing the birds from getting sick, in order to contribute to a safe and wholesome food supply. Today, all chicken farms are under a health program designed by a licensed veterinarian and under the purview of Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia (DVS)