No Hormone or Steroid Added

Nearly 80% of Malaysians believe this myth.

Reality? Not a single chicken sold or farmed in the market is fed or injected with hormones or steroids.
In fact, the Department of Veterinary Services, Malaysia has banned all hormones and steroids in poultry since the 1970s.

Chickens are bigger and growing faster at these days because of good breeding, proper nutrition, management care by a veterinarian & farmer and better living environments. These all contribute to the healthier growth of chickens.

Broiler chicken mortality rates are lower than ever because today’s birds are healthier and coupled with better husbandry. Furthermore, feed is formulated with continuous R&D of better understanding of the birds nutrient needs right to the temperature controlled farm houses and even lighting in the houses by ensuring that chickens to have the healthy start andto provide the best quality for the consumer.

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